Our SaaS Story

As a leading digital marketing agency, Rebel has experienced rapid growth — and we’ve dealt with the challenges that come with it. Trying to run herd over the endless non-essential tasks associated with HR, sales enablement, and more took valuable time away from our client work. 

We were in a space between shuffling spreadsheets and needing a better way.

Finding Another Way

Being a team of technologists, innovators, and creators, we did what Rebel always does: we looked for a solution. Most of the tools on the market were too expensive or ungainly, loaded with bells and whistles we would never use. In those barriers to entry, we saw the white space: a streamlined SaaS solution that gave us everything we needed — and nothing we didn’t. 

And your company can have the same advantage. Between Dispatch, Scout, Leaf, Spark, and Reel, we created a suite of SaaS tools that are easy to implement and use, efficient, affordable, and, most important, designed to quickly push your productivity. 

While RebelWare is innovative, we’re by no means strangers to software development. Our experience building SaaS applications includes early-generation tools like:

  • Peer 360 — A pre-web ESP (email service provider) used by thousands of companies 
  • Contact Advocate — A forerunner to LinkedIn
  • Divide the Ride — A carpool ride-share application
  • School Dismissal Manager — A dismissal admin tool for educators and parents
  • Making Tough Choices — A SaaS simulation tool built for the United Way

What All Our SaaS Tools Share

The Rebel approach to software development involves several core tenets. We consistently work to:

  • Engineer software that solves specific problems, with the overarching goal of giving you only what you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Build tools that require little to no explanation, onboarding, or training.
  • Always keep pricing transparent, with no extra or hidden fees. 
  • Proactively monitor your usage to help you maximize each tool’s performance and collaborate with you to continually improve what we offer.
  • Give you back that most precious commodity: time. 
  • Surprise our customers with value that dramatically outweighs cost.

How Can RebelWare Help You?

Contact us now to learn more about how RebelWare can help you grow your business and take your time back.