Facing a Major PTO Problem

As our business started to boom, we hired new employees. But with each employee came endless HR tasks, like tracking paid time off requests. Here was our VP of Human Resources — one of the company’s most valuable leaders — taking five minutes here, five minutes there daily to calculate every employee’s remaining balance across spreadsheets, email folders, Slack messages … you name it. We knew there had to be a better way.

A Simple, Effective Solution

So, we started doing some research and found a bunch of tools out there that did this very thing. The problem was, they came with bells, whistles, extra features, and overpriced nuances that we would never use. All we needed it to do was one thing: effectively manage our paid time off process.

In searching for a simple PTO tracking application, we found RebelWare’s Leaf. It was the no-frills solution we were seeking. Featuring an easy-to-use dashboard displaying days allotted, days used, team details, upcoming requests, time off history, and a one-click PTO Request function, Leaf did everything we needed without any extraneous functionality.

An Immediate Impact

We couldn’t believe the effect Leaf had on our organization. We were literally seeing efficiency gained right before our eyes. Without the sheer amount of PTO requests and approvals, our VP of HR got a tremendous amount of time back in her day. Leaf truly gave us a greater appreciation for the amount of time these seemingly small tasks were taking up.