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Level-Up Your IT Support

“Well sh°°. It’s password change day — 10 minutes before a big client pitch presentation. How am I going to reset my password when it’s Fort Knox getting logged back in?!”

Situation ring a bell? First, remember your passwords, dummy (jk). Second, get your team back to work fast and arm your superstar IT team with a tool to manage every request on time.

Stop relying on email and Slack and carrier pigeon to get critical technical issues resolved.

Tinker holds technical teams accountable with response time goals and reports to speed up internal customer service. 

Why Did We Build Tinker?

There’s nothing worse than people wanting to work, but can’t! IT Talent did their job, but the struggle is communications — lost emails, missed direct messages, and of walk-n-talk mention — all led to There’s nothing worse than people who want to work, but can’t. For us, IT Talent was doing their job, but the struggle was communication — lost emails, missed DMs, forgotten walk-n-talk mentions — that all led to employee downtime. Now, Tinker partners your IT team to keep every single request organized while minimizing the back-and-forth chats across different platforms. Maybe now your IT guy won’t be so agitated every time someone forgets their charger.

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